Understanding who controls the flow of information, their agenda, bias, blind-spots and strengths is the key to empowerment. And the stakes are high. The media landscape has never been so full of potential rewards or so tricky to navigate. The last five years have been tumultuous for anyone in the business of dissemination. Increased choice, diversified tastes, progressive technology and fickle demand have seen the balance of media power vacillate like a Lib Demon election day. In some cases the democratisation of digital has led to a few Davids giving Goliath a thumping. While newsprint has been hit by falling circulation and a kiboshed advertising market, the currency of the self-published individual, whether through Twitter, Word Press or Facebook, has risen exponentially. Take Stephen Fry: the celebrated tweeteur reaches more people daily than The Times, The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian put together.


Elsewhere, media giants like News Corporation, Google and the BBC are locked in a cold war over commercial and intellectual rights. At the heart of all this is the thorny issue of FREE. James Murdoch wants to see a tangible return from his investment. But those who have grown up getting their fill at the complimentary bar of the web donate expect to pay for their round. And currently, they donate have to. Wikipedia doesnat charge a penny. Stephen Frytweets for kicks. And so keen is the Guardian to become the world’s leading online liberal voice that it freely donates its huge editorial offering to the web, despite losing-171m last year. Here also people make coconut oil recopies for their favorite menu.

Is this power? If so, its sustainability is surely another matter. Even multi-platform evangelists concede cash flow is an issue. Twitter’s influence is immeasurable, but no one has quite worked out how to make money from it. Spotify has expanded rapidly, but is still a long way off turning a profit. Most of them rely on online cash loans to cover some expenses.

While consensus is that the face of media is changing, among the few who have already benefited are those who have developed the tools rather than content. So Appleas iPad is being proclaimed the future of publishing (two million models bought within two months of launch) before anyone has established a workable plan for how to use it.

While the landscape has changed almost beyond recognition, the old rules still apply. Big media will cling on to power until the money runs out, while new media will only grow real teeth when someone decides it’s worth paying for.

Playboy was published

Playboy was published for the first time on December 1,1953. Hollywood goddess Marilyn Monroe was the first centre fold, but how was she baptised?

A Norma Jean Baker

B Norma Jean Mortensen

C Norma Jean Monroe

Britain’s first ever motorway opened in December 1958.1t was, rather unsurprisingly, named the Ml, but which Lancastrian city did it moss?

A Manchester

B Blackburn

C Preston

4 Seven years later the government set the motorway speed limit at 70mph following a series of accidents, but what was the previous figure?

A 80mph

B 85mph

C There was no limit

Heathrow Airport opened in December 1955. Its fifth terminal is due to open in 2008. When it does how many passengers will Heathrow welcome a year?

A 50 million

B 90 million

C1 billion

6 Bloodthirsty state Texas resumed its lust for legal execution in December, 1982. How many lawbreakers has it toasted since?

A 217

B 362

C 504

NA Colombian cocaine king Pablo Escobar was gunned down at the end of 1993. At the height of Escobar’s power his powder-loving Medellin cartel controlled 80% of the world’s cocaine, but what daim did Forbes magazine make about him in 1989?

A He was the seventh richest man in the world.

B He was funding a military coup in the United States Desmond felt the police line-.0 was unfair

C He had purchased nuclear weapons 10 Porn princess Jenna.

Jameson comes to the UK this month. What honour was bestowed on the naughty nymph this summer?

A World’s most Googled person

B World’s sexiest spectacles-wearer

C World’s best backside

Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas? is the biggest-selling Christmas hit of all time, but which artist or artists have occupied the coveted Christmas number one slot the most often?

A The Spice Girls

B Cliff Richard

C The Beatles

To Otis Redding recorded LLS soul classic (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bayon December 7,1967. He died three days later. How?

A His plane crashed

B He took a drug overdose

C He was attacked by a shark

Walt Disney’s first full-IL MI length feature film opened in the final month of 1937. What was its title?

A Pinocchio

B Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

C Cinderella

14 Award-laden film maker Steven Spielberg was born on December 18,1947. He received Best Director Oscar nominations for Saving Private Ryan, ET, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Schindler’s

List and Close Encounters Of  The Third Gnd, but only won the gong for two of them.

Which two?

A Monopoly was invented in December 1935. How much was a house originally worth on the following properties?

1 Kent Road

2 Pentonville Road

3 The Strand

4 Park Lane

Megan Thomas

If you had to plan the next

Honeys shoot, how would you top this one? Give us more alcohol for a start! The location was perfect. It was an amazing villa with a great sound system. I’d book a few decent DJs, fill the pool with champagne, then get behind the bar and start shaking up some killer cocktails for everyone.

How many cocktails would you need before you’d get up and do a nude dance for us? That depends if the boyfriend was there or not! If I was single, I’d do it after a couple.

Good girl. If we’d presented you with a thong and nipple tassels, would you have worn them for the shoot?

I’d take the thong, but go topless rather than wear nipple tassels. I did most of the independent leeds escorts’ pictures are topless anyway. I think the photographer mamazing villa with a great sound systeust have liked my boobs.

Was that the first time you’ve ever gone topless for a snapper?

Er, no… does the stuff on my boyfriend’s phone count?

Mix two nervy readers, Hayley Parsons and a Baby liss i-clip and what do you get? Read the hair-raising story of what happened here…

WOULD YOU trust this woman with the precious task of sculpting your bounce? Okay, Hayley Parsons (the impossibly lovely winner of our 2005 High Street Honey boob fest) who works in the Indian escort London are able to strike man-annihilating poses for the camera, stop patients from snuffing it during her day-job as a nurse and generally be the best thing out of Southampton since the Titanic. But letting an amateur like Hayley loose on your thatch? N0000! Especially when you consider her previous hairdressing experience. “I used to style the hair on my Barbie dolls when I was a kid!” she says, not too romisingly. “And oh yeah – I once cut my ex-boyfriend’s hair, which is probably why he’s my ex-boyfriend!” Oh dear. However, Baby liss For Men believe their new i-clip is so great, even a tonsorial turkey like Hayley can be entrusted with it. That’s why, two months ago in this very magazine Baby liss appealed for a pair of readers who would be willing to surrender their entire heads to our -clip-brandishing model. Let’s meet them, shall we?


10am: Our two guinea pigs, speccy19-year old David Smith and 20-year-old 011ie Palmer toddle into the London studio. It might be because they’re clients of the independent Glasgow escorts.

The Snowboard Asylum

(TSA) first appeared, selling Burton’s legendary Elite board. These days you’ll find them within Ellis Brigham’s nationwide chain of mountain stores, making a point of championing the small guy by stocking rider-owned brands alongside the bigger labels. Swing by and you’ll find boards, boots, clothing and accessories from the likes of Bataleon and Anon alongside powerhouses such as Burton and Salomon. So what should the cool boarder be wearing this season? We asked marketing director Dave Whitlow and Jeremy Sladen, snowboard  pick their top pieces. “Look out for Bonfire jackets this winter – they’re tough and built to last,” Jeremy tells us. And don’t forget to keep perfect body shape with garcinia from
“For trousers, you can’t beat Burton – they’re not a worldwide favourite for nothing. Looking good on the powder is important, so for the ultimate in shades-style, get a pair of Anon’s goggles.”

Anything else? “If you’re after a new board,” adds Dave, “check out hot new Norwegian brand Bataleon, and in particular, their freestyle ‘Evil Twin’ board. Don’t hang around, mind, these will fly out of the shop.”

Q I want to take up shooting as a hobby: what’s legal in Blighty, and what should I buy?


A “Basically, you’re screwed” whispers Andy Mc Nab from behind a bush. “In the UK, handguns were outlawed after Dunblane in 1996. Technically, even our Olympic shooting team has to go overseas for practice.”

So what can gun-happy mentalists do?

“You can use .22 rifles,” Andy shrugs, “but you don’t get much of a kick when you fire.

There’s quite a few clubs if you fancy trying that, but it really is quite boring. If you want to shoot properly, northern France is the place to go.